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Forest River Wildwood

Wildwood Trailers. Quality and Convenience.

The very art of camping is all about escaping your daily routine – but, not at the expense of abandoning ALL the comforts you expect. That’s why each Wildwood model provides a great escape from everyday living without sacrificing comfort, style or functionality.

From private bathrooms, oversized windows, and bunk models for the kids’ comfort and privacy – to kitchen designs that are equipped to facilitate any size meal you may want to cook. Think of what’s important to you and you will likely find it on these RV’s!

For your next family adventure, take a look at the “Wild” side of camping – and, come to Primeaux RV Superstore and tour a Wildwood Travel Trailer.

New Louisiana Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailers

Wildwood 22ERAS

Wildwood 22RBS

Wildwood 26DBUD

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Wildwood 27RE

Wildwood 27RK

Wildwood 28FKG

Wildwood 29VBUD

Wildwood 30KQBSS

Wildwood 31KQBTS

Wildwood 32BHDS

Wildwood 32BHT

Wildwood 32RET

Wildwood 33TS


Wildwood 4002Q


Wildwood 42DL

Wildwood 42FLDL