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Palomino Puma

Family-Friendly Adventure by Palomino Puma Travel Trailers

When you’re looking for adventure, nothing is better suited for family fun than a Puma. These rugged built, easy-to-tow, travel trailers make your next adventure fun & carefree. Puma offers you many floorplan choices including the largest selection of bunk models in the industry. The majority being 1/2 ton towable. So hook onto a Puma and go adventuring.

New Louisiana Palomino Puma Travel Trailers

Puma 25RKQB

Puma 26FKDS

Puma 26RBSS

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Puma 26RLS


Puma 27RLSS

Puma 28BHSS

Puma 28DBFQ

Puma 28RKQS

Puma 30RKQS

Puma 31FKRK

Puma 31QBBH

Puma 31RLQS

Puma 32BH2B

Puma 32BHDB

Puma 32BHFS

Puma 32BHQS

Puma 32DBTS

Puma 32MBDS

Puma 32RBFQ