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Starter Guide To Buying An RV

When it comes to buying an RV it can get pretty overwhelming. There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing what’s right for you – not to mention everything you need to know leading up to and after you make your purchase. We’ve created this helpful guide to give you some direction and make the process a little easier, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned traveler looking to upgrade.



  • Why and who are you buying this for?
  • Where do you plan on going?
  • What is your towing capacity?
  • What features and tech are you wanting?
  • What do you absolutely need vs what do you want

One of the biggest benefits of owning your RV is that you can customize it to your liking as you go. Consider this when looking to purchase. Do you want to save now and budget for upgrades down the line?


When considering what type of RV you want you need to ask yourself if you want a motorhome or a towable? A new or a used?
Do you want a fifth wheel, a travel trailer, or are you looking or a garage found in a toy hauler? You must also take into consideration what type of vehicle you currently owe and its towing capacity.
Pop up campers & smaller travel trailers are easily towable with most SUVS and trucks, whereas fifth wheels and toy haulers will need larger vehicles with higher towing capabilities. Make sure you do your research & utilize our tow guide calculator to narrow down your options


Once you’ve figured out what type of RV you want/need, you need to calculate your budget. A majority of dealers offer different financing options to work with lenders and your credit score, as well as your down payment. Make sure you are finding an RV within your budget with affordable monthly payments


Many people opt in to buying a new RV straight from the dealer or manufacturer. You will know exactly what you’re getting at purchase time with the latest upgrades and tech. You will also be able to take advantage of the manufacturers warranty as soon as you leave the lot that will cover any future damages or wear and tear. You also have the possibility of ordering custom colors and floor plans. Things to consider when buying new are higher insurance premiums, dealers not having exactly what you want, overall cost is higher, and you may need to invest in a newer vehicle if towing is not compatible.


If you’re looking to save a ton of extra money and not worried about a little wear and tear then buying a used RV may be the right choice for you. If you’re in to customization and remodeling then you might enjoy taking on a used RV as a project model and completely renovating it to your liking. On top of that your insurance will be significantly cheaper. Things to consider when buying used: You may not know if hidden underlying issues, not covered by manufacturers warranty (may be able to purchase an extended warranty) May end up paying more for possible repairs


  • Insurance, registration, repairs costs
  • Gas, propane and fuel costs
  • Where you will be parking it

Once you get through the RV buying process you will be able to enjoy the great benefits an RV can provide in your home away from home.