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Bright Dais Ahead

Bright Dais Ahead!

Meet the Bright Dais Ahead family – John, Sherryl, and their twins – BRIGHTon and DAISy (get it? – Bright Dais), who chose to leave suburbia and the corporate world to live life differently. After careers at Fortune 500 companies, they traded their house and thriving business for simpler living, richer education, closer family relationships, and unique adventures. Their goal is to inspire others to live like the best days are ahead of us and not behind us.

The Nens family created Bright Dais Ahead (BDA) to document their adventures across the USA. Sharing beautiful photos, videos, relatable stories, giving helpful tips and advice. They are full-time RV travelers, content creators, bloggers, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) philanthropists.

BDA serves as people connectors, bridging the gap between retirees and those traveling with young families as they uniquely belong to both groups. BDA helps families with very young children find affordable experiences for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, BDA helps launch other RV retirees or travel families by providing checklists, gear reviews, travel itineraries, planning help, and other practical tips.

For 20+ years, John and Sherryl served as marketing and branding experts for many iconic brands. Before getting on the road, they developed a successful commercial cleaning business that provided over 50 jobs and top in franchise profitability. John also serves as a Financial Coach to help families live like no one else.

BDA has been featured in Rootless Living, Lippert Scouts, and Nomad Families. When not blogging, John and Sherryl enjoy riding e-bikes with their daughters, visiting family and friends, or researching their next adventure.

During their travels, the Nens Family is inspired to give back by supporting local NICUs to help parents plan for Bright Dais Ahead with their own NICU grads.