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There’s nothing like camping under the night sky and looking at all of the bright stars and constellations. We have put together a list of 5 of the best spots here in the U.S. to visit for the BEST stargazing, and the best part is you can easily find RV campgrounds nearby. Let’s hit the road.

1. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Flickr/Vincent Lock

Located in Western Texas, this national park is one of the largest and most remote parks in the country. With a wide open dark night sky you are sure to see plenty of constellations.

2. Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico

Flickr/Andrew Marjama

This desert in New Mexico is sure to give you a great view. 99% of the park remains as a natural darkness zone meaning no permanent outdoor lighting can be seen anywhere.

3. Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah


This one is a great location day and night. At night though the clear skies become dark and filled with thousands of shining stars.

4. The Headlands Park, Michigan

Mid Dark Sky Park, Michigan

Lake Michigan is a great place to visit and the Headlands Park is just another great place to stop. Although there is no camping in the park here, it is open 24/7. You might even get a chance to see the Northern Lights

5. Grand Canyon, Parashant National Monument, Arizona

Flickr/Bureau of land management

North of the Grand Canyon is Parashant National Monument – filled with cactus, tall pines and the dark night sky. One of the most remote areas in the whole country.