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3 Must Have Apps for Your Next RV Trip

We have moved into the digital age and even if you’re trying to do some off the grid living or traveling you can still benefit from some of the tech available to you. We have chosen 3 apps that could make your next RV trip a little less stressful and a little more organized. Keep reading to see our picks.

A couple of these apps are free to download with some offering a PRO version with extra benefits for purchase

1. ALLSTAYS CAMP AND RV APP *Note* 9.99 Purchase but worth the price

This app really pays for itself. Once you enable location services this app will show you all services available in your area. There’s six main categories that will be displayed. Camping, Low Clearances, RV related stores (dealers & services), Rest areas, Stores related to camping, and Truck Stops. This app will also help you find parking & free dump stations. There is an offline option that allows you to still access the great features while in low cell service areas.


Exploring the outdoors has become a staple with camping. This app is perfect for you if you’re planning on hiking, biking, or walking the dog on your next trip. You can search for parks and trails in your area by name or you can browse what’s around with the map feature. The filter options allows you to narrow down based off of length, difficulty level, and your personal preferences.

3. Gas Buddy

If you haven’t heard of this app before, let me tell you it’s a game changer. This free app allows you to view and compare all gas prices in your area. Finding cheap gas prices is going to save you a ton of money while you’re out on the road. Saving on gas means you can used those saved expenses towards something more fun for you and the whole family. You’re even able to look up gas prices on your route so you can plan ahead. Filter through your options based on specific stations and fuel type.

There’s endless amounts of apps available to you, which ones are your favorite?